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  • Amazing Menorah of Mazeltown

    watercolor, graphite, digital

    A Lighter Approach: The childrens' illustrations that you see here are certainly different than a lot of the other work you see on the site. The style is more reductive in a lot of ways and takes a lighter visual approach toward telling a story.

    This is a Hanukkah story published by Red Rock Press about a drab little village that is changed by the discovery of a very special menorah. You can find it on Amazon, or here at Red Rock.

  • ...Swallowed an Ice Cube?

    media // year

    Illustration from Mom, What if I Swallowed an Ice Cube?, published by Cedar Hill Publishing. This is a profoundly silly book about the lengths a very protective mom will go to, when she thinks something bad has happened. You can find it on Amazon, click here.

  • Mick Jagger

    medium // year

    Newspaper Commission: This piece was a commission for the North Carolina Observer, for an article on aging rock stars.

  • Glenn Beck

    chicago icon // watercolor

    Commission for The Nation Magazine: This piece was created for The Nation, a prestigious, left wing publication. The piece was about Beck's anti-semitic charges. I created this image of him as a clown-magician pulling from his hat a rabbit with a Hitler mustache. I enjoyed the interesting combination of symbolism. Click here to learn more about The Nation.

Neil Shapiro Artist Statement

Whether it's my portrait work, my landscapes, or my illustrations for both newspapers, magazines or children's books, I hope you find some common threads here. I think you'll see that, despite the intended audience for any particular piece, that I have a deep respect for line, shape, and form. I think you'll see that I have a love for letterforms. Perhaps you'll get an idea of my sense of humor, or my handling of various media. I've been creating imagery for as long as I can remember, and I can't imagine not doing so.

There's so much more to draw, so much more to paint! First, though, I really must get a bite to eat.

- Neil Shapiro // Chicago
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